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Conditions Treated by Our Chiropractor

Most common causes and effective treatments for these common conditions:

The biggest contributing cause of our physical ailments today is attributed to our modern sedentary lifestyles. Most of us work at jobs that require us to sit at a desk, assuming the same position for hours, days and months. We then continue our sitting ritual in our car and at home, on the couch or dining table. Our bodies were designed by nature for movement, not stagnation.

Dr. Shanfar has successfully treated many conditions with chiropractic, cupping therapy and other modes of physical rehabilitation therapies in her 18 years of practice, such as the following:


  • Headaches
  • Tension headaches:
  • Migraine headaches:
  • TMJ problems and pain:
  • Facial pain due to TMJ problems and clenching or nightly grinding of the teeth:
  • Neck pain/Neck problems
  • Acute neck pain
  • Sever Neck pain
  • Chronic neck pain:
  • Low back pain:
  • Middle back pain:
  • Sciatica/Sciatic nerve pain:
  • Herniated Disc:
  • Tennis Elbow:
  • Knee pain:
  • Shoulder pain:
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome:
  • Ruptured Disc:
  • Back pain due to degenerative disc disease
  • Degenerative disc disease:
  • Bulging Disc:
  • Left or Right sided low back pain and radiating pain due to building discs
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome:
  • Numbness and radiating pain in the arms and legs:
  • Tendinitis:
  • Trigger finger:
  • Back pain from pregnancy.
  • Pre and post birth pelvic and spine exam and treatment for the mother and the infant.

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